Sam Smith reveals he's 'alone' with four new tattoos

Sam Smith has revealed he feels "alone but no longer lonely" as he debuted four new inkings.

Sam Smith reveals he's 'alone' with four new tattoos

Sam Smith has shown off his four new tattoos and admitted he feels "alone".

The 'Writing's On The Wall' hitmaker debuted the new inkings, the word 'honesty' and 'alone' on his arms, on his Instagram account and shared the meaning behind each of them.

He wrote: "This is what I promise to be in my music. It's what I live by. In the words of @mariamena_official 'Honesty is my God'

"This is just me being a melancholy t**t haha. I do see it as a small positive thou... No longer lonely... Just alone... Which is ok x thought I'd share these with you because I love them (sic)"

The 23-year-old singer also got two permanent markings on his hands, one of an equals sign on his wedding finger to show his support for marriage equality and two lines on another finger similar to that found on a mummy, and thought to be one of the oldest tattoos around.

Showing off the series of inkings on his hands, he wrote: "First one - the equality sign on my wedding finger. This ones pretty self explanatory. It shows my views on gay marriage and equality for all x

"Second - this tattoo is inspired by one of the oldest tattoos ever found on a mummified body that was found buried alone in the ice. (sic)"

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