Sam Smith: 'Writing's On The Wall is horrible to sing'

Sam Smith has admitted singing the 'SPECTRE' theme song 'Writing's On The Wall' is "awful" because of the high notes.

Sam Smith: 'Writing's On The Wall is horrible to sing'

'SPECTRE' theme 'Writing's On The Wall' is "horrible" to sing according to Sam Smith.

The 23-year-old star - who was chosen to sing the theme for the latest Bond movie - finds the track hard work to perform as the high notes are too difficult for him and he even joked that he has to grab his balls, it's that bad.

Speaking ahead of performing on the 'Graham Norton Show' on Friday night (23.10.15), he said: "I've only actually sang the song once really. I did the demo in the studio, and they used it. It's horrible to sing. Horrible. I almost regret -- no, I don't regret... It's just so high. I have to grab my balls, it's awful."

The Grammy-winning singer recently admitted Daniel Craig wasn't his "favourite" 007 after watching the other movies and actually preferred Sean Connery and Roger Moore as Bond.

He previously admitted: "[Daniel Craig] was my favourite initially, because I'm 23 years old. I hadn't seen all the old movies, and I loved how modern his take on Bond was. But when I went back and watched them all, I realised that it's Connery and Moore who I love the most.

"I love how classy and clean-cut they are. I think I'd like the next Bond to be more of a return to that."

The 'Stay With Me' hitmaker attended the world premiere of 'SPECTRE' at London's Royal Albert Hall on Monday (26.10.15), where he met one of his idols Shirley Bassey.

Sam said of meeting Shirley: "I'm going to bow if I see her. She's everything."

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