Samuel L. Jackson wanted to be James Bond

'Hateful Eight' star Samuel L. Jackson has revealed he would've loved to have played James Bond.

Samuel L. Jackson wanted to be James Bond

Samuel L. Jackson would have loved to have played James Bond.

The 'Hateful Eight' star - who has been linked to the role numerous times - has now admitted he would definitely have taken it on if he were offered it when he was younger and insisted he doesn't know any actors who would turn it down.

Asked if he would've played Bond, he said: "Sure yeah, why not? I love Bond movies, I've loved them since I was a kid. Everyone wants to be a double-oh spy."

However, since the 66-year-old actor has now ruled himself out, he's instead revealed who he would like to see replace Daniel Craig as the next 007.

He told British GQ magazine: "Hmm. Tom Hiddleston? Actually, after we saw him kicking all that ass in 'Kingsman', I think Colin Firth would be a fine Bond."

Jackson also rubbished the idea that actors and actresses hate watching themselves on screen.

The 'Pulp Fiction' actor added: "That's bulls**t! Actors that say, 'I can't stand to watch myself', well if you can't stand to watch yourself then why the f**k do you expect someone to pay $13.50 to watch you?"

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