Selena Gomez talks her future in acting

Selena Gomez feels like she hasn't even been able to "touch the surface" of what she is able to do as an actress.

Selena Gomez talks her future in acting

Selena Gomez has so much more to give through her acting.

The 23-year-old multi talented star has several movie roles under her belt, including the upcoming 'Neighbors 2' and 'The Fundamentals of Caring'.

While she released her latest album 'Revival' back in October, she knows that she will be able to push herself much more through her film choices than her singing career.

She said: "I'm in a place with my music where I've gone through this transition and I feel with this album I've been able to grow as an artist. But I feel like in acting, I haven't touched the surface of what I'm able to do."

Selena is also keen to one day experience a more behind-the-scenes role on a movie.

She added to Variety magazine: "I've always loved the idea of directing. I'm not sure about writing - I don't know if that would be my forte. But I love filming things. I love capturing things. I love figuring out how the camera works. Maybe one day."

One person who influences the roles Selena goes for is her mother Mandy, who encouraged her to take on the raunchy 2012 movie 'Spring Breakers'.

She added: "My mom is the reason I did 'Spring Breakers.' She's got incredible taste in a weird, cool way... There's plenty of interviews where she's mortified-- 'Why do you tell people that?' When people ask how I came about that project, I always say it was my mom."

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