Seth Rogen boasts he has bigger manhood than Justin Bieber

Seth Rogen has joked he probably has a "bigger" manhood than Justin Bieber after he saw his recently leaked nude photographs.

Seth Rogen boasts he has bigger manhood than Justin Bieber

Seth Rogen has claimed he has a "bigger" manhood than Justin Bieber.

The 33-year-old actor, who recently settled his feud with the pop superstar, has praised the 'Sorry' hitmaker, 21, on the "good size" of his lower region but has admitted, if they were to compare, his genital area is probably much larger.

Asked if he's seen Justin's recently leaked nude photos, Seth said: "I did see his [p***s]. It's not bad, but it made me feel good about my [p***s] because everyone's like, 'This guy has a huge [p***s],' and I was like, 'To his scale, it's an OK size. It was a pretty good size.

"His frame is so small, if you took off mine and put it on his body, pound for pound, it might be bigger."

However, despite being convinced he has a larger manhood, the funnyman has admitted one thing he's 100 per cent sure about is that his "balls are saggier" than Justin's.

Meanwhile, the two Canadian stars ended their two-year feud last week on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' after they apologised to one another and went in for an embrace.

Seth explained on 'The Howard Stern Show': "I was hard on Justin Bieber... and he was ultimately incredibly cool about it. He never attacked me back, and he literally has an army of crazy little mother f***ers that he could have sicced on me."

The duo fell out in 2014 when the comic took to his Twitter account to brand the singer a "piece of s**t" after he gave him bad attitude when they met at an awards show.

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