Seth Rogen pledges to continue making 'raunchy' movies

Hollywood star Seth Rogen has confirmed he will continue to make "raunchy" comedies, despite recent controversies.

Seth Rogen pledges to continue making 'raunchy' movies

Seth Rogen will continue to make "raunchy" comedies - despite recent controversies.

The 33-year-old funnyman starred in the 2014 satire 'The Interview' - which became the source of a political controversy, when the North Korean government threatened action against the US if it were released - but Seth has insisted he has no plans to dilute his sense of humour.

He said: "People have asked me when I know if raunchy humour has gone too far or is too much, and I say, when your goal is to create something, when is there too much of that product?

"If you ask the guy who makes Nikes, when do you know you've made too many Nikes, he'd probably reply, 'I've never made too many Nikes, as long as people keep buying them, I'm making them.' So I guess the only answer I have is that it's too much when it sucks and I'm sure we will know if it sucks."

Seth stars in new comedy 'The Night Before', and has revealed he isn't worried about offending a religion or a country this time around.

He told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "Christians have their own s**t to deal with, they're not worried about us. So on the scale of controversial waters one could possibly navigate, this movie was very low on that list, I would say. If anything, we may offend Jews because we made a Christmas movie."

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