Sharon Stone 'cried' over sexism

Sharon Stone admits she once "cried" over sexism in Hollywood as she claims she found it hard to find paid acting work unlike her male counterparts.

Sharon Stone 'cried' over sexism

Sharon Stone "cried" over Hollywood's sexism.

The 57-year-old actress admits she struggled to find a paid acting job following her 1992 movie 'Basic Instinct' and claims when she finally found a job, she was paid a lot less than male actors starring in the film.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "After 'Basic Instinct', no one wanted to pay me. I remember sitting in my kitchen with my manager and just crying and saying I'm not going to work until I get paid.

"I still got paid so much less than any men. It has to start with regular pay, not just for movie stars, but regular pay for the regular woman in the regular job.

"I waited tables and scrubbed floors and everything else on the way up, and you must make the same, and it's not cool that you don't."

Meanwhile, the 'Casino' star previously insisted she found it hard to get acting work as a young woman because "no one" considered her to be sexy.

She shared: "It's funny because for the first part of my career I couldn't get a job because no one thought I was sexy.

"People would call Chuck, my manager, and say, 'We can't hire her because she's not sexy,' because I always went around dressed like a bag lady. I wore all of these big, black clothes and these big glasses and all my books and stuff and people would be like, 'She's so not sexy.'"

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