Sienna Miller's daughter is 'fussy eater'

Sienna Miller has admitted her three-year-old daughter Marlowe is a "fussy" eaten and she really struggles getting vegetables into her.

Sienna Miller's daughter is 'fussy eater'

Sienna Miller's daughter is a "fussy" eater.

The 33-year-old actress has admitted she has to try and sneak healthy foods and essential nutrients into her three-year-old daughter Marlowe's meals by disguising them with something else because she's terrible at eating her greens.

She explained: "I've become an expert at smuggling vegetables into sauces for my three-year-old daughter Marlowe. She's good with broccoli and corn but getting her to try other healthy things can be a bit of a struggle. She likes chicken, fish fingers, mashed potato and pasta. Ketchup is a good tool when she's being fussy."

Since welcoming the little one into the world three years ago with her ex-partner Tom Sturridge, the blonde beauty believes she's developed a different judgement on life.

She added to the Times newspaper's The Dish magazine: "I re-evaluated everything after I had a child. I worked harder to prepare for auditions and became more focused and mature in how I approach things."

Meanwhile, Sienna, who split from Tom in July, has admitted 2015 has been a low-point for her, but she doesn't believe it has been all bad as she's overwhelmed by how quickly her film career has taken off.

She said previously: "It's been really quite overwhelming recently, just with the volume of everything going on.

"Everything is shifting. It's actually been the sh**tiest year, and amazing. It's always yin and yang. I feel like if you're excelling in one area, it's hard to manage both and I do feel like the work is going really well."

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