Stephen Fry doesn't want kids

Stephen Fry has admitted he doesn't want children as he already has 13 godchildren to look after.

Stephen Fry doesn't want kids

Stephen Fry doesn't want children.

The 'QI' presenter - who tied the knot with Elliott Spencer last year - insists he has no plans to become a father as he is content having 13 godchildren.

When asked if he'd like to have a kid of his own, he said: "No, hmm, let's just say I am a godfather. I have 13 godchildren, which is a source of constant joy. I've been slightly disappointed by all my godchildren who are ... all my godchildren are very well behaved, none of them have been expelled from school, none of them have had terrible drug problems, I haven't had to go to a police station to pick one up at three in the morning for some terrible offence and they're all really nice but in a nice way, not in a way that makes you want to slap them just really nice. It's a delight though."

The 58-year-old comedian and television presenter also admitted he is finding marriage "terrific [and] fabulous".

Speaking on tonight's (13.02.16) episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, he said: "I still am [married]. I think that may be a record in show business ... It's fabulous ... It's terrific, it gets better every day. I'll sound really childish if I keep doing this but it's like a miracle really, it's just such a wonderful thing.

"It ought not to make that much difference, it's merely the state recognising a relationship that could exist without the state recognising it and yet it does make a difference somehow, not because the state recognises it but because you somehow just become connected to all the people in history who have been married before."

'The Jonathan Ross Show' airs tonight (13.02.16) on ITV at 9.20pm.

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