Steve Aoki's sleep success

Steve Aoiki thinks one of the reasons he is so successful is because he can nap anywhere, no matter the circumstances.

Steve Aoki's sleep success

Steve Aoki thinks the secret to his success is being able to nap anywhere.

The 37-year-old DJ and electronic music producer is very proud of his ability to get some shut-eye, no matter what the circumstances, ensuring he is always fresh for his sets.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I take naps everywhere. I could sleep in that corner right there. I could sleep on your shoulder.

"I've slept in the club, I've slept under a table ... [Everyone was like] 'Oh my God, it's Steve Aoki. Oh s**t he's sleeping under a table!'

"I've been caught on the EasyJet sleeping, 'Yo, where's your Aoki jet, Steve Aoki?' I've been caught everywhere man, I don't really care. You have to not care, that's the thing."

The 'Delirious' hitmaker also admitted that despite playing at some of the biggest musical festivals in the world, one location he's desperate to visit is the region of Transylvania in Romania.

Steve told BANG Showbiz: "I was having a conversation with Dimitri Vegas and he was like, 'Oh, yo, we're playing Transylvania'. I didn't even know that was an actual real place. I thought that was where vampires and Dracula come from and they're not real so...

"I'd love to play there, just to say that I was there!"

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