Steve Guttenburg wants London stage role

Steve Guttenberg would love to come to London to star in a Shakespeare play on the West End stage.

Steve Guttenburg wants London stage role

Steve Guttenburg wants to star in a Shakespeare play in London.

The American comic star - most famous for his roles the 'Police Academy' movies, 'Cocoon' and 'Three Men and a Baby' - says his dream is to tread the boards on the West End in one of the Bard's classics.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I really would love to come over to London to do Shakespeare, I've done 'Henry IV Part 1' in New York, I played the Earl of Northumberland, Henry Percy, and I had a great time doing it.

"I occasionally get offers for shows on your side of the pond and I would love to come over and do a play especially a classic Shakespeare in London. I would love it. I dream of starring on the West End and I would love the chance to do it."

Steve previously revealed former US President Bill Clinton loves to cheer himself up when he's having a bad day by watching the 'Police Academy' movies.

He said: "Every time I've seen President Clinton he says when he's in a bad mood he turns on 'Police Academy'."

The Hollywood star is regularly stopped in public by fans who want to speak to him about their favourite films of his and he feels honoured his work over the past five decades has had such a long-lasting impact.

He said: "I'm lucky because I've been able to be part of some wonderful films; a plethora of well known films and really enjoyable films. People come up to me all the time, some people want to ask me about 'The Boys from Brazil'; then there are people who really enjoyed 'Diner' who say that it changed their lives. A lot of the gay crowd love 'Can't Stop the Music', or kids will come up to me and say they loved 'It Takes Two'."

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