Stevie McCrorie: I felt emotionally drained after writing 30 songs

Stevie McCrorie was inspired to write 'Don't Go', from his forthcoming debut LP 'Big World, after feeling "emotionally drained" at the end of the album writing process.

Stevie McCrorie: I felt emotionally drained after writing 30 songs

Stevie McCrorie felt "emotionally drained" after writing songs for his debut LP 'Big World'.

The 30-year-old singer - who won 'The Voice' in 2015 - originally penned 30 songs while working on the record and was inspired to write the song 'Don't Go' at the end of the writing stage, when he was missing his wife Amy and three-year-old daughter Bibi.

Asked what influenced 'Don't Go', he told BANG Showbiz: "I was at the end of the song writing processing and I was so emotionally drained and tired after writing about 30 songs and I just started to miss home and miss my wife, and she was missing me being at home. So, I guess I just took that experience like we are going to get a break and spend time with each other and there are lots of people that leave home. So I based that song on people missing their loved ones."

Meanwhile, the Scottish rocker said Kaiser Chief's frontman Ricky - who mentored him on the talent show - told him to keep his loved ones "close".

Asked what advice he gave him, he said: "Ricky didn't give me much advise he just told me to keep my wife close and keep Bibi close.I kind of know what I want. There is not much they can say except stick with it. "

And on whether he keeps in touch with Ricky, he added: "I was in touch with him after the show, I've been to his flat and he's a nice guy, he tries to keep everyone happy and I Imagine it's quite hard when he does what he can to help people."

Stevie McCrorie's debut album 'Big World' will be released via Decca Records on Friday January 8.

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