Survey reveals most-desired female body

A new report, conducted by, has revealed the most-desired female body parts.

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

A new survey has revealed the most-desired female body parts.

The study, conducted by, found Kate Hudson's hair (18 percent), Jessica Alba's arms (14 percent), Charlotte Crosby's stomach (16 percent), Katy Perry's chest (13 percent), Taylor Swift's legs (15 percent) and Emily Ratajkowski's bum (17 percent) combine to make the most sought-after look.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of, said: "We thought we'd have a bit of fun to see what this year's dream celebrity beach bodies were looking like.

"Men and women alike clearly have a set idea of the body they aspire to have, but there's a lot of work and commitment that's need to go into that plan if these pictures are anything to go by."

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