Taylor Swift's 'desire' to be liked

Taylor Swift has always had a "desire" for people to like her, the boss of her record label has revealed.

Taylor Swift's 'desire' to be liked

Taylor Swift has a "desire" for people to like her.

The 'Shake It Off' hitmaker has been signed to Big Machine Records since 2004 and her boss Scott Borchetta says she has always been a "fascinating person" ever since he first met her when she was 14 years old.

He told Billboard magazine: "She was a fascinating person, even at 14 years old. She had such an amazing desire for people to like her and get to know her, and she has found a way to engage anybody whom she wants to, whether it's the immediate fan or the ­biggest stars in the world.

"I never doubted that she would be ­successful. I felt we could compete because her being is substantial. Even her [first promotional] package was impressive - now, it's not hard to put together an attractive-looking promo package, but there were enough interesting things that it was raising its hand to me. And when I met her, I was just smitten."

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old singer recently admitted she found it "hard" to make friends when she was a young girl.

She shared: "I honestly think my lack of female friendships in high school and middle school is why my female friendships are so important now.

"Because I always wanted them. It was just hard for me to have friends."

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