Thor: Ragnarok will have 'fresh style of humour'

Director Taika Waititi is planning on bringing a "fresh style of humour" to the third instalment of 'Thor'.

Thor: Ragnarok will have 'fresh style of humour'

The third instalment of 'Thor' will have a "fresh style of humour".

Taika Waititi, who is directing 'Thor: Ragnarok', is planning to shake up the movie - which stars Chris Hemsworth in the titular role - and bring his own spin to the action film.

He said: "My strength in this is bringing my style of humour, which is probably a very different style of humour.

"They've had good jokes in them before, but I think where I come from is maybe a fresher style. It could just shake the entire thing up a bit."

The 40-year-old filmmaker also admits he feels as though he is "the new kid in class" in the Marvel world.

He shared: "I'm like the new kid in class. They're really cool people. I've already made some great friends, and everyone wants to make the best story possible ...

"[It's] more collaborative than I think people probably expect. It's not just one person ordering everyone around. It's people discussing and saying, 'What if it was like this' or 'I don't think it should be like that', which is very healthy. And it's actually what I'm used to, coming from theatre and co-ops and collaborating."

When asked for any hints about the film's storyline, he added to CNET: "No, because I don't even know. We're still figuring out what characters are in it and how they all interact. We're very early on in prep, storylining, figuring it all out."

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