Tina Fey: Change in heart is all about the money

Tina Fey doesn't women are being given more opportunities in comedy because of their talent, insisting the change in attitude is "all about money".

Tina Fey: Change in heart is all about the money

Tina Fey insists the change in attitude towards women in comedy is all about money.

The amount of interest that female comedic actresses are receiving at the moment is one of the most talked about topics in the industry, and Tina has her own thoughts on what has prompted the change of heart.

She said: "I think that really it is a business and the fact that 'Bridesmaids' made a tonne of money and was so funny, and because it made money people were more willing to let Amy Schumer make money, because 'Trainwreck' was really funny, and then hopefully, knock on disco, hopefully 'Sisters' will make money. "Once one thing happens people follow the money. I don't think anyone has had an amazing change of heart; it's all about money."

Tina's next role sees her star alongside close friend and comedic partner Amy Poelher in 'Sisters'. The pair also hosted the Golden Globe Awards on three occasions, but have handed the reins over to Ricky Gervais for next year's ceremony - something Tina is more than happy about.

She said during an interview on 'Alan Carr's Chatty Man': "Amy Poehler and I hosted it three times, and that used to ruin Christmas. They would try a dress on us in early December and we would have to fit in to it for the Globes right after Christmas and that really put a dampner on my cheese intake. That is Ricky's problem now. Ricky is doing it this year and I am sure he is starving. I'm sure he is on that treadmill."

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