Tina Fey housing ghost

Tina Fey thinks there might be a ghost living in her four-year-old daughter Penelope's bedroom.

Tina Fey housing ghost

Tina Fey thinks there is a ghost living in her four-year-old daughter's room.

The 'Sisters' star revealed her youngest child, Penelope, has started sleeping in her 10-year-old sibling Alice's room because the youngster believes there is a ghoul living in her bedroom - and the comedienne thinks the little one might be onto something.

She said: "My four-year-old sleeps in her sister's room because she said there's a ghost in her room, which may or may not be a ruse.

"But I have been in there and been like, 'Is there a ghost in here?' "

Tina's piano player husband Jeff Richmond thought Johnny Depp was living in their house one day when he "very accurately pointed out" that she looked like the 'Black Mass' actor during a bad hair day.

She explained: "In the summer I was letting it air-dry and rocking a hat and glasses to go all beachy, and my husband very accurately pointed out that I looked like Johnny Depp."

Like her hair, the 45-year-old star's timekeeping isn't always on point either as she revealed she once had to sprint 40 blocks after writing the time down wrong for an important meeting.

Quizzed on when she was last late, Tina told PEOPLE: "To an interview to get my youngest child into preschool.

"I had written the time down wrong, and then I couldn't get a cab, and I was sort of running, like, 40 city blocks and arrived sweaty and crying a little bit, like, 'We're good people!' "

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