Tinie Tempah wants a farm

Tinie Tempah has revealed he'd like to own a farm, filled with animals and a vegetable patch, one day.

Tinie Tempah wants a farm

Tinie Tempah wants to own a farm.

The 27-year-old rapper - whose real name is Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu - dreams of having his own plot of land in Kent, South East England, one day so he can adopt lots of animals and build a large vegetable patch.

Asked to divulge his dream day, he told HELLO! Fashion Monthly magazine: "I would hang out at my friend's farm. He's got dogs and donkeys and all kinds of animals and I like chilling with them all.

"I really like the English countryside and would love to have my own farm in Kent one day and grow my own food."

But regardless of where he sets up home, the 'Pass Out' hitmaker wants to live near his family because he believes they keep him grounded and focused on success.

He said previously: "Fame can be tough to deal with ... you are propelled into an upper echelon where everyone feeds your ego and you get whatever you want. You know, 'You want two? Take three!'

"But in reality you want what you haven't got. You have a girlfriend and you wish you were single, you're old and you wish you were young. That's the way life is and I'd rather deal with the problems that come with success than always wondering what it would have been like. I've got real people around me. My mum will tell me if I'm acting up."

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