Tom and Giovanna Fletcher read books to baby bump

McFly's Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have been encouraging their unborn baby to kick by readying to the tot.

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher read books to baby bump

Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have been reading and singing to their unborn baby to get the tot to kick.

The couple are expecting their second child together and have been reading stories and singing to their baby and have been amazed by how much the tot responds to their voices.

Tom - who already has 20-month-old son Buzz with Giovanna - exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "At night one of us will do the bath and one will do bedtime reading. We always read stuff to Buzz. Now we are getting more kicks and stuff from the bump it's amazing because when you sing to it or speak to it you get kicks back and it's an amazing thing to have. I definitely do all sorts of things with the bump and I read lots of different things to the bump."

The McFly musician admits bedtime stories have become a competition between him and Giovanna and then try and "outdo" each other in the story-telling stakes.

Speaking to launch's Kids Love Books campaign, he said: "As a dad reading to Buzz has almost become a bit of a competition between me and my wife. We both read him books but we both read differently. So it's who can outdo each other with reading the books to Buzz. "

The 'Obviously' hitmaker admits second time round the pregnancy is going by really quickly because they are so busy looking after Buzz, who will turn two next March.

Asked how the pregnancy is going, he added: "It's going really fast this time. I think because we've got Buzz to look after it's coming around before we know it."

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