Tom Hiddleston 'embarrassed' by his dancing skills

British actor Tom Hiddleston has revealed he is embarrassed by his dancing skills.

Tom Hiddleston 'embarrassed' by his dancing skills

Tom Hiddleston is embarrassed by his dancing skills.

The 34-year-old actor became an online sensation after he was asked to show some of his moves during an interview on a Korean chat-show.

He shared: "God, it's so embarrassing. It was a big public Q&A, there were 7,000 people there, and I was taking questions from the audience. Somebody asked: 'Of what body part are you most proud?'

"That's just a wrong question, to which there are only wrong answers. So I said: 'My feet' and they said: 'Why?' and I said: 'Without my feet, I couldn't run and I couldn't dance.' And they said: 'Well, now we have to see you dance.' So I danced... And I created a monster. There we go."

Meanwhile, Hiddleston also claimed his time at boarding school helped transform him from a vulnerable child into a more resilient young man.

The 'Thor' actor told the Observer newspaper: "I was very vulnerable when I first went. I went to boarding school when I was seven and then I sort of learned how to deal with it. So I must have somehow got more independent through that experience.

"I don't think it was ... I've never sort of had analysis about this or anything, so I have no idea, but ... You just kind of move on. It wasn't damaging, but I'm sure it made me independent."

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