Tony Visconti: David Bowie can be really humorous and serious

David Bowie's long-term producer Tony Visconti says the rocker is "charming", even when he's flickering between being "humorous and serious" in the studio.

Tony Visconti: David Bowie can be really humorous and serious

David Bowie is both "humorous and serious" in the studio, says producer Tony Visconti.

The 69-year-old rocker is known for being dark and mysterious and often intimidating, but Tony Visconti - Bowie's on-and-off producer since 1967 - disagrees and claims he's "charming" - even when he's being "serious".

Asked if Bowie's changed over the years, Tony said: '"He fluctuates between being really humorous and really serious. So he creates this atmosphere. Maybe he's aware that people can be intimidated by him.

"Even after all these years I get goose bumps when I work with him. He's so different and you know something great and unusual is going to come out of it

"That can make me a little nervous and edgy so consequently he makes everyone feel calm and he's not heavy, he's not scowling. He is quite funny and pleasant. I would even say charming. Then when a point needs to be made, he can get extremely serious and be adamant that something must be done a certain way. Even that is done in a courteous manner, nobody feels intimidated. "

And Bowie - who released his 25th studio album 'Blackstar' recently - is a "much happier man now", according to Tony.

He told The Sun newspaper: "He's obviously a much happier man now and he's really much more solid as a human being."

Tony - who produced his latest record at the iconic Magic Shop studios in New York - thinks he's a better person because he's not overindulging like he did in the seventies.

He added: "He doesn't practice any of those indulgences that he did in the seventies, none of us do."

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