Twiggy's baby bond

Model Twiggy says she never imagined she'd feel such a "profound" love for her granddaughter Joni.

Twiggy's baby bond

Twiggy never imagined she'd feel such a "profound" love for her granddaughter.

The 66-year-old model didn't think she'd ever feel the way she felt when she first became a parent until daughter Carly, 37, and her husband Ben Wiggins welcomed their little girl Joni into the world in May.

Twiggy said: "The love I feel for her is so strong, so profound. It's soul deep.

"When I gave birth to Carly 37 years ago, I felt the same way then but I couldn't imagine that intense feeling recurring. But then Joni came along and it hit me again.

"I just can't imagine her not being part of the family now, the first thing I think about when I wake up is her. I want to see her every day."

And Twiggy - who will be called 'Mimi' by her granddaughter - would do "anything" for Carly and Joni.

She added to HELLO! magazine: "I really can understand how mothers - and grandmothers - find a superhuman strength to protect their young. I would do anything for her."

And little Joni has brought Twiggy and her daughter even closer than they were before.

Twiggy said: "Carly and I used to see each other about once a week. Now that she's a mum, it's almost every day. As a mum, Carly is a natural and I'm so proud of her."

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