Una Foden's music plans

The Saturdays' Una Foden has insisted her solo album won't be a pop album but instead more focused on her songwriting.

Una Foden's music plans

Una Foden's solo album won't be a pop record.

The Saturdays singer is currently working on her own material whilst on a break from the girl group and insists it will be completely different from what fans have heard from her before.

She said: "My solo sound will definitely be more organic than The Saturdays. It's not pop - although I've been immersed in pop for my entire career so there will definitely be an influence.

"It's more singer-songwriter, me with a guitar singing and writing music about my experiences."

And the Irish singer says there will also be a touch of traditional Irish music in her new material.

She explained: "Because of the tone of my voice there will always be a hint of traditional Irish music but I haven't nailed everything down yet.

"I do hope to have some music out for 2016 though so it's very exciting."

Despite her solo plans, Una - who has daughter Aoife and son Tadhg with husband Ben Foden - insists The Saturdays will get back together.

She told the Irish Mail On Sunday newspaper: "We wanted to have a rest so we could pursue different projects before getting back together."

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