Will Ferrell is full of ideas for fresh comedy

Will Ferrell revealed he has been lucky enough to rarely suffer from writer's block and is never short of new ideas for comedy.

Will Ferrell is full of ideas for fresh comedy

Will Ferrell is never short of ideas for comedy.

The 48-year-old actor - who found fame over a decade ago as bumbling news anchor Ron Burgundy in 'Anchorman' and has churned out a string of hit movies since - revealed he rarely experiences writer's block and ideas come "easily" to him.

Asked if he is ever stuck for fresh material, he said: "I have never really had a shortage of ideas. I think it is the absence of ideas that is the cause of pain and frustration and that's when writers or comedians will say they can't be in relationships too long or can't be tied down, they have to put work first. But I have simply never felt that. The ideas have always come fairly easily."

Meanwhile, the comedic star also admitted he is a homebody and would be happy to hang up his acting boots - to look after the three children he has with his wife Viveca - if she ever wanted to pursue her own career ambitions.

He told the Observer: "I am often saying to my wife if she ever wants to go back and study I will be happy to stay home and pack up work and drive the boys to all their sports practices. I would love that."

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