Wiz Khalifa announces new music

Wiz Khalifa has announced he is releasing his new album 'Project Khalifa' in January.

Wiz Khalifa announces new music

Wiz Khalifa is releasing new music in January.

In a video message posted on YouTube, The Taylor Gang label boss announced that he has been busy writing 'Project Khalifa' and the album is going to drop in the New Year.

In the clip titled 'Wiz sends a Message to his Taylors', the rapper says: "Nobody really knows that I plan on putting out a project with some unreleased music that nobody's ever heard before and I'm going to call it 'Project Khalifa' and that's actually going to be available in January ... get Khalifa when it comes out next month in January."

The 28-year-old Pittsburgh rapper recently released a new mix-tape 'Cabin Fever 3' and as well as 'Project Khalifa' he'll also be releasing a second LP, entitled 'Rollin Papers 2; The Weed Album' - considered a companion album to 2011's 'Rolling Papers' - later in the year.

Wiz released several singles this year which could feature on either project, including 'Burn Slow', 'No Social Media' and 'King of Everything'.

In his YouTube message Wiz also took the opportunity to thank his fans for an "awesome" 2015 - which included him becoming the first hip hop artist to reach one billion hits on YouTube with his 'See You Again' video.

He said: "I want to thank everybody for an awesome year, 2015, went on a good tour, a couple of good tours, thanks everybody for showing up everybody who bought tickets. Thanks everybody for calling in and voting for 'See You Again' the video and the song. Everybody on YouTube who watched the video getting it to over a billion views, shout out to you guys."

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