Zachary Quinto on dad's death

Zachary Quinto says therapy helped him realise he wasn't responsible for his father's death.

Zachary Quinto on dad's death

Zachary Quinto blamed himself for his father's death.

The 'Star Trek: Beyond' star tragically lost his dad Joe to cancer when he was just seven years old and has admitted he thought for a long time that he was the root of the cause of his passing until he sought therapy.

He explained: "I realise it [therapy] isn't designed for everyone, but personally it feels a very valuable place to channel my resources of time, money and energy. Psychologically and emotionally I have felt more self-acceptance, love and compassion for myself when I have been in therapy than when I'm not.

"I took responsibility for things like my father's death when I was seven. I think any child in the context of such profound trauma doesn't have the capacity to realise they were not somehow complicit in the trauma."

The 38-year-old actor is so convinced the therapy helped pull him out of a depressive rut that he would like to become a psychologist if his career as a movie star was to come to an abrupt end in the near future.

Asked what he'd like to do if he wasn't an actor, Zachary said previously: "Probably be a psychologist. I love therapy - I've been in therapy for a long time. I think psychologists are a tremendous benefit to people if you're prepared to dive in as far as you're willing to go into yourself. So I feel that if I didn't have an outlet to express that exploration in acting, I'd want to be engaged on a fuller level in psychotherapy.

"To be able to be a guide for other people - that's an aspect of what we do as actors in the characters we play, especially when they're as archetypal as Spock."

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