Zachary Quinto suppressed homosexuality for years

Zachary Quinto has revealed he tried to block out his homosexuality growing up because he was worried how other people would judge him.

Zachary Quinto suppressed homosexuality for years

Zachary Quinto suppressed his homosexuality for years.

The 38-year-old actor, who was raised in a strict Catholic family, came out publicly as gay in 2011 after many confused years, but he has admitted he tried really hard to block out his sexual attraction when he was younger because he was worried about other people's judgement.

He explained to Attitude magazine: "I denied the curiosity and I denied the impulse. I would have occasional sexual fumbles with my schoolmates. At college, I really didn't have sex. I just poured myself into my work and wasn't really sexually active. I missed some pretty important years.

"I was sort of tortured over it but the torture was apt for drama school. By the end of college, I came out to my best friend. I came out later to my family. I was terrified to tell my mum and brother, but they were absolutely supportive.

"My mum probably had unconscious challenges within herself in terms of accepting it, but we worked through it together over the next few years, and she has come to support me and my life."

However, since coming out to the world, the 'Star Trek: Beyond' hunk has admitted he's been asked by a number of other famous actors for his advice on how to pluck up the courage to reveal their sexuality.

Asked if any gay actors have asked for his advice on coming out, he said: "A couple, yes."

He added: "I just share my experience ... I just encourage people to not deny themselves that."

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