A-Do expecting first child

He registered his marriage with his longtime girlfriend earlier this year

A-do expecting first child

Photos: PBE Media, A-Do

Local singer A-Do turns 43 today (Mar 11) and shared a second piece of good news on his personal Weibo – that he and his wife are expecting their first child together.

He wrote, “I received the best birthday present this year – an incoming Monkey baby,” adding on smiley emojis to express his joy. He also shared an ultrasound snap of his unborn child. The singer registered his marriage with his longtime girlfriend earlier this year and he has earlier confirmed that he will hold wedding banquets in Singapore and Taiwan.

Mrs. A-Do is believed to have met her husband when he was 22 years old and still a construction foreman. The pair started dating even his debut and have been together for over two decades. Her continuous support is said to have been a source of encouragement for him when he was at his lowest.

A-do expecting first child

A-Do shot to fame with his song ‘Ta Yi Ding Hen Ai Ni’ (‘He Must Really Love You’) but took an unexpected break at the height of his fame, with some speculating that he fell into depression. He has started promoting on music programmes in recent years and his return to the spotlight meant that his love life was also increasingly exposed to the public.

His manager once revealed, “A-Do has a girlfriend but she isn’t from showbiz. He’s known her even before his debut and their relationship is really good; they have the intention to get married at any time.” At the time, he also added that he would notify the media once the singer was to tie the knot.

The introverted artiste is said to be the opposite of his extroverted and bubbly girlfriend, which caused many to express their surprise at his willingness to share the good news personally.

A-Do has not shared the expected due date of his first child nor wedding banquet plans. 

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