A-Do plans to marry, have kids next year

Singaporean construction foreman-turned-singer still into music but also dabbling in business

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Remember A-Do, the homegrown Mandopop singer who shot to fame in the noughties with his distinctive raspy voice and floppy hair? He may have faded somewhat from the local scene in recent years, but he’s not yet through with music.

The former construction foreman will make a brief return to Singapore with his performance of ‘I Really Want to Tell You’, the theme song for Channel 8’s upcoming xinyao-themed drama series, Crescendo, which premieres October 23.

Toggle caught up with the 42-year-old on Wednesday, and A-Do (whose real name is Do Cheng Yi) openly talked about what he’s up to these days. Besides planning to register his marriage to his long-time girlfriend, surnamed Lai, after Chinese New Year in 2016, he didn’t shy away from sharing his intention to have kids before the year is out.

“We prefer to keep a low profile,” he said, “But when we get married we’ll definitely inform everyone.”

On the music front, A-Do had been preparing a new album, due to be released last year, when his mother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. The singer moved back here from China to care for his mother, and the album launch is expected to take place next June.

Having lived in Singapore for the past two years without attracting much attention, A-Do said he spent his time as a homebody, so few realised he had returned.

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Since ghosting from the entertainment circle in 2007, he has made few public appearances; his recent events included performing as a special guest at one of Jody Chiang’s farewell concerts in August, and promoting the Taiwanese album of Angel Chu, wife of Taiwanese host and entertainer Nono Chen.

Besides music, A-Do has also been venturing into business, investing in property in China and even a Chinese philosophy institute. But the humble singer said he’s not cut out for business and wouldn’t call himself a hot-shot tycoon.

“I’ve been invited to invest in food and beverage, but I’m not familiar with that industry, so I turned down the offer,” he said.

His latest project is an aesthetic clinic in Guangzhou, China, that he is funding with old friends who have a background in aesthetic medicine.

“They’re in charge of managing the clinic’s operations, while I take care of the ribbon-cutting.” A-Do said.

Crescendo premieres on October 23, 9 pm on Channel 8; watch it on Toggle-It-First.

Click here for more details on Crescendo.

This story first appeared on toggle.sg/ch
Story by Dion Tang

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