A dose of funny on Class 95FM with Michelle Chong, Chua Enlai and more

For the next two weeks, Class 95FM listeners will be entertained by local comedians like Michelle Chong, Chua Enlai, Hossan Leong, Alaric Tay and more on the morning show

Chua Enlai and Michelle Chong

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When the Muttons are away, the funny folks come out to play.

For two weeks only, Class 95FM listeners will be in for a morning treat with a different crew of funnyman taking over the morning show from June 29 to July 10, when the Muttons go on a break. The lineup of 10 artistes include home-grown comedians such as Alaric Tay, Chua Enlai, Michelle Chong, Judee Tan, Pamela Oei, Selena Tan, Hossan Leong and more.

That’s not all. Apart from covering the latest music and hottest gossip in town, the comedians will also be reprising some of their well-loved characters during their on-air stints.

The first five days (June 29 to July 3) will feature Xin Hua Hua, Pornsak and Barbarella from The Noose and Dr Teo Chew Moi and the Dim Sum Dollies from the well-loved musical cabaret.

Here’s a brief introduction of what’s to come, in the words of Barbarella (Michelle Chong), who gives her first radio hosting experience to Class 95FM: “I’m not a jock because I don’t care about sports. I will mostly talk about myself on this radio show. Personally, I feels very excitered abbourrit (sic) because I can’t wait to take over the fake Ang Mohs (known as The Muttons?) I believes I can be much more interesting than them, even though I have a face (and body) made for TV. Yah, tanks everybirdy tanks (sic).”

The second part of the ‘Celebrity Takeover’ (July 6 to 10) will feature former radio DJ Hossan Leong who will be joined by humour author Neil Humphreys, comedy writer Mr. Miyagi and Adam Tong from Channel 5’s Tanglin (with more big names to come) to bring listeners a double dose of laughter on-air.

Sharing his thoughts on his return, Hossan said, “[I’m] Excited, scared, nervous, pumped... It's like I'm gonna take part in the SEA Games! Best of all, to be back with familiar friends for a week of crazy fun!” in a press statement released by the radio station.

The 10 celebrity guests

Tune in to Class 95FM from June 29 to July 10 at 7am for the two-week special Celebrity Takeover.

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