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A tale of non-love at first sight, as told by Kate Pang, Andie Chen

In Bed With: Delve into the married lives of celebrity couples in the first of our brand new interview series and find out the quirks and complaints they have to tell us about each other

Andie Chen, Kate Pang

Photos: Lee Lay Na

Thanks to the advent of social media, everything that possibly needs to be known about the lives of celebrity couple Kate Pang, Andie Chen and their brood is already out there online for all to scroll through, gawk and pore over. We know about Andie’s allergy problems, Kate’s three-time unexpected pregnancies, and we even learned about the couple’s unsuccessful—and infrequent, according to Kate, in her Toggle Talk interview—bedroom activities.

But how much do we really know about their marriage, how they tolerate each other’s idiosyncrasies and bad sleeping habits? This time, we speak to both Kate and Andie in Toggle’s brand new series, In Bed With, to hear what they (and other celebrity couples) have to “complain” and rat about each other.

From their shocking marriage cum pregnancy announcement three years ago (at the time, the couple’s relationship wasn’t made known to the public) to where they are today with two adorable children, Kate and Andie’s relationship might seem like a fairytale to some. While the two are clearly very much in love, their journey as husband and wife wasn’t as smooth-sailing as one would think: the very first time they met, they didn’t leave the best impression of each other and they still don’t see eye to eye on all matters – especially on their spending habits, now.

Regardless, their marriage has gone from strength to strength and the pair is in it for the long run (long live Kandie!) Read on for the lessons on marriage we learned from Kate and Andie.

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Lesson 1: It’s not always love at first sight

Hailing from Taiwan, Kate was scouted to Singapore and met Andie for the first time at a Fighting Spiders event her manager brought her to. There, the pair was introduced, and Andie’s first words to her took us by surprise: “You should take a plane back to Taiwan as soon as you can.” Ouch.

Thankfully, she didn’t heed his advice and they eventually found love although they didn’t quite hit it off on the right note. The pair has mentioned on previous occasions that they were far from each other’s ideal types and dated others even while they were friends. They only got to know each other better after working on Joys of Life and Break Free together and dated in secret for about a year before walking down the aisle on November 24, 2013.

Lesson learned: Don’t judge a book by its cover and strike out people you don’t immediately see as The One.

Andie Chen, Kate Pang

Lesson 2: Tough love is real love

A continuous occurrence during the two hours of filming was the constant bickering from this duo. Regardless of whether the cameras were rolling or not, their good-natured ribbing continued and gave off the vibe of them being an old married couple.

Among Andie’s grouses were, “Kate has no sense of romance – she only cares about enjoying her personal space!” letting on that their most romantic date before tying the knot was watching television together at home while digging in to ice cream.

Kate’s retort? “Looking after our children well and making sure that there’s food on the table for you when you get home is the best sort of romance to me,” she declared. The 33-year-old continued that to her, “having time with just the two of us isn’t as important as us spending time altogether as a family.”

They even got physical with each other throughout the shoot and showed no mercy when hitting each other with cushions for a mock pillow fight. Andie’s over-enthusiasm caused him to accidentally poke Kate in the eye, which immediately turned red. Apologising profusely about his mistake, he proceeded to look after her and kept checking on her eye before resuming the shoot, and even in between takes when they had an outfit change.

Lesson learned: It doesn’t need to be all roses and fireworks for a relationship to be romantic; the smallest gestures add up to prove your sincerity and are the foundation to a healthy relationship.

Continued on next page: Kate and Andie tell us about how they manage to spend me-time and how their plans for the future.

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