Aloysius Pang has no feelings for Jayley Woo

The two young actors will continue to see each other often – but not romantically

Aloysius Pang has no feelings for Jayley Woo
Photos: Dion Tang
Video: Zhang Jia Hao

So, are Aloysius and Jayley really dating each other?

Since they began acting as love interests in Channel 8’s new drama series, Tiger Mum, they have gone out a few times (just the two of them) and have become chummy pals in real life, so much that co-star Jeffrey Xu joked about them taking their relationship from reel-to-real at the press conference yesterday.

To add on, they are currently working on a new drama series, Super Senior, as love interests again and will continue to see each other often. However, nothing’s brewing romantically as of yet, said Jayley. “When we go out, it’s solely for work purposes,” she said in an interview with xinmsn.

Co-star Aloysius told us in a separate interview that they occasionally share cabs too because they live near each other. “It’s a normal thing for me to accompany girls and I don’t think much of it.” The young gentleman shared that he has his mother to thank for his chivalrous act too, because she often advised him and his two brothers to always be gentlemen to girls.

Aloysius Pang has no feelings for Jayley Woo
Apart from script reads, the two have also made several visits to Geylang together as Jayley wanted to study the prostitutes there to help with portraying her character Abigail in Tiger Mum. She visited twice at around midnight with Aloysius’ accompaniment because he knew that it was not safe for girls to wander there alone. He further explained that he used to cycle there with his friends and that was how he knew about the danger.

His special concern for Jayley raised questions about his feelings for her, to which Aloysius replied, “I have friends who like her, so I don’t want to make any moves.”

“If something happens, it happens, but at the moment, I don’t have feelings for Jayley,” he said.

Jayley, on the other hand, said that her heart would “skip a beat” and “get butterflies” when she’s acting with him. “Aloysius is what people would define as tall, dark and handsome. He is definitely a rare find, but we are just really good friends.”

Single for over a year since her last relationship, which lasted for three years, with someone outside the industry, Jayley, who also dated local actor Edwin Goh in 2011, says she is more careful about her choice in men now. Plus, work takes precedence for both career-minded individuals, with Aloysius adding, “If I get into a relationship, I fear that my girlfriend will be hated by my fans.”

Aloysius Pang has no feelings for Jayley Woo
So, what kind of girl would Aloysius go for? He shared, “Firstly, she must respect her parents. Next, she must love animals. Lastly, she must be kind. I won’t love someone for her looks, especially since girls’ looks fade fast.” When asked about Jayley’s looks, Aloysius simply chuckled and said, “She is not bad.”

The three-time Star Awards 2015 nominee (for Favourite Male Character, Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer award) also revealed that age is not a problem for him at all – as long as the girl suits him, he doesn’t mind the age. He does, however, prefer older women now.

His previous three relationships were all with younger girls and made him discover his true preference. He remarked, “I like a girl you can talk to about things like CPF and other adult topics. I can’t stand childish conversations.”

Tiger Mum debuts on Channel 8, April 2 at 9pm.

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