Aloysius Pang voted most outstanding by fellow dukes

The promising actor was touted to be the most outstanding duke in a straw poll conducted with all eight actors


It’s the last lap and final week to vote for the Toggle Outstanding Duke Award before the winner is announced at the Star Awards Show 2 Post Show Party. In the lead-up to the awards ceremony this Sunday, we got the dukes to share their thoughts and cast their votes (each duke had two votes) for – who they think is – the most outstanding one amongst them all.

In the lead with four votes from Shane Pow, Romeo Tan, Xu Bin and Zhang Zhen Huan is Aloysius Pang, whom they unanimously felt made the most improvement in the last year.

Aside from scoring double nominations in the Best Supporting Actor category and Best Newcomer category, which Shane calls a “validation” of Aloy’s capabilities, Zhen Huan, who has worked with him in two back-to-back dramas (Against The Tide and Good Luck) said that his co-star has grown in terms of acting and is good in handling emotional scenes too.

“Aloysius had a lot of shows last year and he’s one of the newer artistes to have received so many roles. He’s a very reliable guy and despite his young age, he is clear on what he is doing,” Romeo said.

After Aloy’s four votes, we have a tie between these three men: Jeffrey, Xu Bin and Shane who got Desmond’s vote of confidence (i.e. two votes from the man himself).

“I love to eat paus (alluding to Shane’s surname that resembles a certain Chinese dim sum tonally),” joked Desmond, “Apart from my love for paus, I’ve also seen how hard he worked. He’s one of the newest actors among the eight of us. I’ve seen him do hosting and worked with him in some dramas and I think he is really hardworking.”

Jeffrey was also commended by his homie Ian Fang for being “very diligent” while Shane said: “Xu Bin, I can’t help but pick you. I see your face every day (on 118) when I turn on the television at 7.30 pm! I think you enjoy the most popularity among all of us.”

Shane continued jokingly, as if speaking to Xu Bin, “Your name’s easy to read and you have plenty of commercials too. Am I right? (chuckles)”

Watch the video below to find out what else they have to say of one another:

Toggle Outstanding Duke Award’s online voting poll closes on April 26, 11pm. Voting is free and can be done online on a daily basis, one vote per NRIC. The winning duke will be presented with a trophy at the Star Awards Show 2 Post Party, and the winner is determined based on 50:50 votes from the public and the Toggle editorial team.

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