Aloysius Pang wants older onscreen love interests

Aloysius Pang gets “married” to Jayley Woo in the new Ch8 show but would rather be paired with Rui En or Jeanette Aw instead as it’s “more exciting” to him

Aloysius Pang wants older onscreen love interests

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As the drama title of this upcoming Channel 8 production suggests, Super Senior is a show about the “seniors” (i.e., anyone 45 years and above) in society by the seniors in the TV industry. Its main cast comprise of acting veterans such as Chen Shu Cheng, Zhu Hou Ren, Xiang Yun, Henry Thia, Hong Hui Fang, Wang Yu Qing, Jin Yin Ji, Rayson Tan, and new generation actors Aloysius Pang and Jayley Woo.

In his interview with Toggle after the press conference on Tuesday, Aloysius admitted that while he gets along well with his cast mates in every show he’s ever acted in, it’s the veteran actors that have a special spot in his heart. Maybe it’s because they treat him dearly and watched him grow up (from when he was a child actor), but the actor believes it’s because he often acts as their child and feels that he has better chemistry with them.

Aloysius Pang wants older onscreen love interests

In fact, Aloysius secretly emptied his pockets buying bottles of aloe vera gel for each of the sunburnt cast and crew, placing them in front of their door steps, simply because they told him that they did not bring any during their seven-day outdoor shoot in Bintan, Indonesia.

The kind-hearted Aloysius had intended to keep his secret deed hush-hush, but fellow cast mate Wen Long, who also acted as Aloysius’ dad in his previous drama Tiger Mum, caught him in the act and shared his sweet gesture with the cast. The next day, the cast and crew came up to the young chap one by one, checking if he had insufficient money to spend on himself.

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Aloysius wants more mature roles and older love interests

In the show, Aloysius plays a young doctor (his first mature on-screen character) and describes his role as a man getting married with kids to be a “fresh” experience for him, as he needs to wear glasses and dress formally in a suit and tie for the first time.

After this show, the Best Newcomer Award winner from this year’s Star Awards is hoping to play more mature and deep roles of men aged 30 and up, although he’s only 24-years-old in real life.

While he did get the opportunity to experience a May-December relationship with Paige Chua in a mini-series called Love?, Aloysius shared that he would like more of such pairings in future, preferably playing the lover to actresses like Jeanette Aw and Jesseca Liu, instead of acting as their younger brother or junior.

When asked about if he feels intimidated acting with these mature actresses, Aloysius replied that he thinks of it as a “fun” ball game and explained that “when you encounter a strong opponent”, the “ball” is “more exciting and enjoyable to shoot”.

Aloysius Pang wants older onscreen love interests

Although he is reunited – non-romantically – with Jayley, who played his love interest in Tiger Mum, in Super Senior, the actor shrugged off rumours of a possible relationship between the two of them, saying that they will never be together.

Aloysius explained that they were apart during their free time on the shoot too. “Even if we were together, we would have nothing to do. I would be playing pool or table tennis, but she would not,” he said.

The actor recalled with a laugh that he needed to propose and marry Jayley for this drama (Jayley’s first on-screen kiss and Aloysius’ first proposal), mentioning that they had shot their proposal scene on a moving bus. The moment Jayley pulled away from their kiss, she spat to the side and said “Pui!” in a joking manner.

Aloysius spoke with a laugh, “Do you know how hurt I felt? Is it so necessary to be that disgusted by me? Ha.”

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If you want to see how that scene turned out, catch Super Senior from June 18 onwards, every Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Channel 8.

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