Apple Hong just got married on 10.10.2017

Former Mediacorp actress belatedly announced that she registered her marriage one week ago on October 10


Photos: Teo Sijia
Video: Genice Ooi

What do actors Xu Bin and Apple Hong have in common?

Both of them—coincidentally—made things official about who they'd be spending the rest of their lives with on October 10 last week: Apple Hong secretly got married to her boyfriend of eight years after announcing her engagement two years ago while Xu Bin formally announced his upcoming marriage to his girlfriend of two years.

Former Mediacorp actress Apple caught us by surprise when she revealed in an interview with Toggle yesterday (Oct 17) that she had held a simple ceremony in her hometown of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Sep 30 this year (the same day as fellow actress Tracy Lee’s marriage).

Apple got engaged with her mystery beau three years ago in 2015, when she relocated back to Singapore from China, where she was based at, all in the name of love. According to the actress, she was proposed to at home during a gathering with their friends. She subsequently shared a photo of a five-carat sparkler on her finger to announce their "engagement."

Explaining why she chose to register her marriage in Singapore on Oct 10 at 10am, Apple mentioned that she wanted to suit the auspicious date as the digits 10.10 translates to 'perfect' in Chinese and signifies a blissful union.

WATCH: Apple Hong talks about getting married secretly last week

The new bride mentioned that she has become less spontaneous after getting married and would always think twice about her family before rushing into any big decisions.

The 38-year-old also added that she and her Singaporean business man husband whose identity she declined to reveal, were not in any rush to have children and planned to let nature take its course.

Following her marriage and a one year hiatus from the entertainment industry, it seems that Apple’s next stage in her career would literally be the stage. She will be playing the female lead in an upcoming theatrical play, Sole Mate, which will be held in December.

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