Apple Hong returns to Singapore for love

After years filming overseas, the actress is back for good

Apple Hong

Photos: Camelia Ting

Former MediaCorp actress Apple Hong took off for Beijing after her contract expired in 2011, but despite considerable success in making inroads into the mainland Chinese market, she’s given all that up and moved back to Singapore — for love.

“To be a virtuous wife and good mother, one can’t keep roaming about abroad,” she said.

Apple is in the midst of filming her latest project with Channel 8, a leading role in the WaWa Pictures co-produced drama The Revenge Queen. The series co-stars Jesseca Liu, Priscelia Chan, Vivian Lai and Jayley Woo as women who have been hurt in love and form a team to get back at men who have done their spouses or girlfriends wrong.

Apple plays a meek housewife named Qiao Wen. “But in real life, I’m definitely not like that,” she said. The actress says she’s an assertive modern woman who loves her freedom.

Revenge Queen main cast

Single lady
In early February, Apple shared a photo on Instagram of her with a giant rock on her ring finger. But the actress insists she isn’t married.

“I was only engaged then, and I’m still single right now!” she said. “We haven’t picked any date for the wedding.”

Apple and her boyfriend of close to six years don’t seem to be in any hurry to tie the knot. “Our parents haven’t been pressuring us, and neither has he been rushing me,” she said. “So I’m giving it more thought. After all, it’s a major life decision, so I have to consider it carefully.”


But don’t expect any wedding on the scale of Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s — Apple wants a quiet, simple ceremony. “Perhaps we’ll register our marriage in the presence of close friends, and then we’ll treat them to dinner,” she said.

Now 37, Apple says she still prefers a lifestyle with greater freedom. “When I was younger, I had thought about seeking a partner who won’t demand we have children, because I didn’t want to be held back by family duties,” she said.

“But now, I’ll let things run their course — having children would be nice too.”

The Revenge Queen debuts February 17, 9 pm on Channel 8.

This story is translated by Zara Zhuang.

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