Breaking the perfect girl code: Rebecca Lim

In the final episode of Toggle Talk, we learn that fairy tales do come true with ugly duckling-turned-Best Actress Rebecca Lim. Leaving her perfect girl image behind, Rebecca reveals her truthful thoughts on BFF Desmond Tan, her response to indecent proposals and more.

Breaking the perfect girl code: Rebecca Lim
Photos: Lee Lay Na

Who would have imagined the tree in a class skit to become a “Best Actress” winner?  

A self-proclaimed plus size “cool nerd” during her school days, Rebecca Lim never had the intention of becoming a model or actress. Even until today, her family and close friends are still in disbelief that she is one of the best known celebrities - who can actually act too, we think- on Caldecott Hill. 

Her participation in Miss Singapore Universe 2005 was but a fun-seeking experience with her friends. Rebecca almost chickened out of the competition as she didn’t fit the criteria of having a bikini and portfolio. Yet somehow, she managed to get through the stages despite “making a fool of herself” during the Question and Answer segment.

“After graduating from Junior College, you think you own the world but in fact you don’t, because you don’t have any life experience at all. Maybe they kept me [in the competition] for entertainment value,” she laughed.

Perhaps, it was this ineffable charm that brought her to where she is today. Always armed with a smile, grounded - in spite of her newfound fame and a really determined hard worker, it’s impossible to not fall in love with ‘Becks’ (we mean it figuratively, not literally, of course).

For someone who finds it uneasy to show her raw emotions, Rebecca took a long time to discover her love for acting and to be recognised for her stunning transformation. Along her journey in showbiz, the actress has met her fair share of detractors as well as people who have stood by her over the years.

It may have been a tedious road, but what is most important to the budding thespian (her hectic schedule recently took its toll on her health) is that she has finally arrived at her destination and is ready to scale greater heights.

Read on for more, and watch the videos for a blow-by-blow account of her interview:

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She’s not the “perfect” girl she’s perceived to be

Well-loved by TV viewers, media and seniors in the industry, Rebecca appears to be the perfect girl. But is she, really?

“I’m sure there are people who don’t like me, just that you haven’t interviewed them yet (laughs). Or they don’t like me but they don’t say it,” she said. “I do have my temper. I’m not the nicest to people, especially when they are not nice to me. I cannot fake being nice to them if they are not nice to me, I’d rather just avoid [them].”

Nevertheless, the easy-going actress has no issues with most people. And if it’s someone from the crew or cast that she “cannot click with”, Rebecca says she’d usually just remain silent. 

She never used to be like this though. In the past, all it takes is one glass of champagne to send Rebecca dancing on the table.But after she became a public figure, her friends are the ones who look out for her when they hang out. “My friends will go: ‘Please don’t. Just stand there lah. Don’t even dance. Your dance moves are horrible,” she chuckled. 

Rebecca, who has long outgrown the partying phase, would rather spend her precious free time with friends and family these days. 

Her family keeps her grounded

Thanks to good upbringing, Rebecca has been well-mannered since young (she still greets everyone before eating). At the same time, her family keeps her ego in check. “They will be like: ‘Don’t think you are so great lah,” she laughed. 

During the Chinese New Year period, Rebecca invited some colleagues to her house. Instead of bursting with pride from the compliments, Rebecca’s elder brother simply replied: “Who cares?! (laughs)” And in her younger sister’s eyes, Rebecca will always be her sibling above all else.

“It’s a very bad thing that I throw tantrums in front of my family. Sometimes I’m not appreciative of what they do, like the small things. But at the end of the day, your family are the people who accept you for who you are,” Rebecca confided.

Besides her loved ones, the humble actress accredited her success to the people who have lent her a hand along the way. “If Channel 8 didn’t give me a second chance, I wouldn’t have all these now. My stylists and make-up artistes were the ones who volunteered to help me when I was a nobody. My managers never gave up on me; they renewed my contract every year even when I wasn’t confident that they would.”

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She took up a second degree for “insurance”

Rebecca’s first “calefare role” in Family Matters was a demoralising and yet enlightening experience. Due to her poor Mandarin, she had to repeat a simple line for over 20 times which incurred the wrath of the director. 

“The studio was freezing but I was perspiring. I can never forget that scene because it was my first show. I didn’t have any training and there were three cameras [staring at me]. I thought: ‘Give chance lah.’ But I guess that’s the way things are in a working world. Nobody’s gonna ‘give chance’. They gave you an opportunity, either you shine or you sink,” Rebecca asserted.

In 2008, Rebecca had her first major role in The Truth where her performance was so harshly criticised that she was not approached for any new Chinese project for nearly three years. “The only thing people remember is my horrible hairdo and my horrible Mandarin,” she said with a laugh.

Motivated to do better, Rebecca not only went for Chinese tuition, but she also started listening to Chinese music on YES 933 and reading magazines such as i-Weekly. “I had to stop finding excuses. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself again. And Mandarin is not a bad skill to learn anyway,” added the actress.

Not about to throw in the towel just yet, the actress, who was an undergraduate at the time, used school work as distraction and consolation. Rebecca extended her studying period from three to four years by taking up a second degree at Singapore Management University, so that she would have the papers to fall back on should her acting career fail to take flight.

She has a special affinity with Xiang Yun

Many would agree that Channel 5 dramas The Pupil and Fighting Spiders were Rebecca’s career turning point. It was also then that her passion for acting was truly ignited. “It was the first time I really felt emotions – extreme emotions – crying, screaming and fear. I was like, wow! It was scary but fun,” she grinned.

Rebecca’s marked improvement garnered positive reviews and gave her a much needed confidence boost, which paved the way for her return to Ch8. After several forgettable roles, the hard-working actress finally enjoyed a breakthrough withUnriddle that earned her a coveted “Best Actress” nomination at Star Awards 2013.

Since then, everything started falling into place – bigger roles, more exposure and endorsement deals came knocking on her door. Even now, Rebecca still vividly remembers the overwhelming surge of emotions that washed over her when she first saw her magazine cover plastered on a bus.

On hindsight, the affable actress is glad that her route to success was longer than her peers. “During the first two years, I wasn’t sure if I will be who I am today. It took me so many years and I am very grateful for all the opportunities,” Rebecca affirmed.

Also, Rebecca admitted that awards mean a great deal to her. And here is the reason why she was especially emotional after bagging the “Best Supporting Actress” trophy last year: “I was nominated alongside all these veterans who looked after me since I just signed on. A lot of people don’t know this, but when I first entered MediaCorp, I looked really lost in the Artiste Management Unit. Xiang Yun jie took the initiative to talk to me.”

Unbeknownst to many, Xiang Yun, who was filming a long form drama, even drove Rebecca to the set and showed her around. After each take, the veteran artiste would patiently explain the procedure to her. “When she came to congratulate me, I just broke down [in tears]. I was really touched,” said Rebecca.

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