Celebrity Spooky Tales: Spine-chilling army experiences

These stars thought they’d have a smooth-sailing two years in the army – until they heard and saw things that they can never forget

Celebrity Spooky Tales: Spine-chilling army experiences

Week one of our Halloween special featured tales from various abodes – and their stories may have caused you to view hotel rooms or your own home in a different light. This week, we present the spine-chilling army experiences from Ben Yeo and Tay Ping Hui during their respective military stints.

From an eerie singing voice that kept following Tay Ping Hui around to Ben Yeo personally witnessing a possessed army buddy, can you handle this week’s spook factor?

Catch it all on Toggle’s special series, Celebrity Spooky Tales - watch it if you dare. Up next week, we’ve saved some of the scariest tales for the last – an overpowering smell that everyone denies smelling and a woman’s wailing that just keeps drawing closer and closer. Catch it all next Friday, only on Toggle.

Ben Yeo

What seemed like a case of an army-mate with a typical case of epilepsy turned out to be something even more sinister – and it was made worse by another soldier’s confession that his attempt to jump out of his bunk window in the middle of the night was because of a strange woman outside beckoning him to join her.

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