Chen Yi Xi quits job for acting

An acting project with his entire family - parents Edmund Chen, Xiang Yun and younger sister Yi Xin is something he hopes to work on - but what will it take?

Chen Yi Xi quits job for acting

Video: Goh Wen Kai

You’ve seen Chen Yi Xi helping out behind-the-scenes as his mom Xiang Yun’s PA, and previously in xinmsn web series i.Rock, but come 2018, he will be making his Channel 8 debut with Lunar New Year drama 118 Reunion.

Speaking to Toggle at an imaging session yesterday, he chuckled, “Both (my sister) Yi Xin and I said something similar seven months ago: ‘Aiya, we probably won’t become actors!’ but look where we are now.” Yi Xin is currently working on another upcoming drama, While We Are Young, together with fellow budding stars such as Chantelle Ng, Calvert Tay and Marcus Guo.

In 118 Reunion, he plays rock climbing instructor Arthur, who falls in love with Hong Shan Shan (Sheila Sim) after he finds out about the hardships she goes through. On his reel-life romantic relationship with Sheila, who is seven years his senior, Yi Xi admitted, “I’m definitely nervous about this but I think it’ll be fine after we discuss how to approach our characters’ relationships. We haven’t had the chance to do so because at the first meeting, she was sitting so far away that I didn’t have the chance to interact much with her!”

“I never really thought about being in a relationship with older women until I read through the script and was like, ‘Oh, such things really do happen!’ but personally, I think I’d only be able to date someone who’s up to five years my senior,” he added.

As for possible kiss scenes between the pair, Yi Xi asked in surprise, “Are there any kiss scenes involved? Even if there are, I’m fine with it as long as it makes sense in the drama.”

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