Christopher Lee and Fann Wong want homes all across Asia

The local celebrity couple wishes for their son, Zed, to accompany them wherever they go

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong want homes all across Asia

Video: Foong Mien Shi

While newlyweds in Singapore often stress over how they would establish their dream home, local celebrity couple Christopher Lee and Fann Wong revealed that they have their minds on something even more ambitious – a wish to own many homes across Asia.

The couple made an appearance as ambassadors of Malaysia’s upcoming private housing project Sungei Pulai Wellness Resort this morning and shared their thoughts on their ideal home.

Though their ambition of owning many homes may seem like an extravagant dream, the reason behind their colossal vision is sure to melt the hearts of many people.

As the Malaysian-born actor and his Singaporean wife are favoured by media and advertisers across Asia, they often have to ‘suffer short separations’ with Zed to fulfil their work commitments abroad.

In an interview with xinmsn this afternoon, Christopher confessed his deep attachment to their baby boy.  “We have always hoped to bring Zed along with us wherever we go for our work,” Christopher said frankly.

When asked if plans are underway to establish their “homes” overseas so that Zed easily tag along on their business trips, the couple unanimously said that they have yet to put their idea into action as Zed is still very young.

However, Fann gave her husband a tug in the shoulders and wittily joked, “I think our child should have a home in Malacca, China, Taiwan and Singapore.”

Seemingly catching on his wife’s hint, Christopher humorously acted like he had to wipe some sweat off his face. He then drew Fann’s laughter by exclaiming, “Alright, I’ll work hard, I’ll work very hard!”

The 43-year-old Malaysian actor, who spent his growing years across the straits, also shared that he is eager to own a home in Malaysia by the time they retire from showbiz or when Zed grows older.

“I wish that Zed can understand life outside an urbanised area such as living in a kampong. Be it climbing a tree or playing with water in the wild, I want him to have these interesting experiences that are hard to come by in Singapore,” said Christopher, a true-blue kampong kid who grew up in Malaysia.

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong want homes all across Asia
Zed’s first road trip to Christopher’s hometown

Similarly, the couple also cherishes family time and adores the idea of living in a multi-generational home. Chris even revealed that his long-time wish is to house both Fann and his family under one roof as he hopes to experience the joy of a big family.

While the couple is still working hard to fulfil their dream, they had a taste of bonding as one big family this Lunar New Year during their trip to Malacca, Christopher’s hometown.

As it was Zed’s first road trip to his Christopher’s hometown, Fann excitedly exclaimed ‘We survived the trip!’ when asked on how they have fared on their first overseas trip with him.

Though they had to put up with a five-hour car journey instead of the usual two-and-a-half-hour journey due to heavy traffic, the couple was delighted that Zed behaved well throughout the car ride.

“He was tickled by the whole idea of being on a trip as it is a fresh concept to him. He was very happy as he loves to look at the scenery around us and could focus on doing so while we drove,” Christopher said joyfully.

Zed was also said to be excited to meet and interact with relatives and friends and had received many red packets and, according to Christopher, was a well-behaved kid who did not throw any tantrums during the trip.

However, Fann paused and gave an ambiguous expression before letting slip that her husband did not seen Zed’s notorious side as he spent a large amount of time catching up with friends back in his hometown. 

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong want homes all across Asia

Zed is too young to be on screen

In recent years, celebrities’ kids are highly sought by advertisers, with a lot more television programmes revolving around celebrity parents and their precious darlings.

Would Fann and Christopher, then, be open to the idea of Zed appearing on screen? Unlike some celebrity couples who wish to protect their child from media attention, the pair would love to see Zed on TV and have already received several love calls from local sponsors.
However, they stated that he is still too young to do so at the moment.

“He can only lie on his back and hasn’t even learnt to sit or walk so I don’t think he is ready now,” Fann shared. “Advertisements are alright as they are not too complicated but I would refrain from television shows on parenting as he is still too young,” Christopher added.
Fann also expressed her worries on coping with her son on set.

“I am worried that it may be difficult to coordinate as he still does not understand a lot of our words. If he cries on set, I would feel upset and may request for filming to stop as I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable.”

While Zed is too young to be a TV star, his superstar parents are currently busy with their acting careers.

Christopher revealed that he already has his schedule filled to the brim for the entire year. Though the first-time father cannot bear to part with Zed, he would even be flying to Taiwan tomorrow to begin his new television drama’s filming that would last for 2 to 3 months.

Fann, on the other hand, is still considering her options of several casting offers. The award-winning actress, who is currently still breast-feeding Zed, is more selective about her jobs as she wants to spend more quality time with her son. 

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