Christopher Lee, Mark Lee, Li Nanxing team up for comedy film

The Fortune Handbook will see the three Ah Ges work together for the first time - and hopefully not the last

Christopher Lee, Mark Lee, Li Nanxing team up for comedy film

Video: Charlene Chong

Christopher Lee, Mark Lee and Li Nanxing will team up for the first time in their decades-long careers in upcoming comedy flick The Fortune Handbook. Appearing together at the film’s commencement ceremony on October 31 sans the female lead, Vivian Lai, who had other commitments to attend, the three Ah Ges bantered around during the presser and the subsequent interviews, often taking time to poke fun at each other in the midst of fielding questions from the media.

Sharing that they have already completed their imaging sessions, the trio remained tight-lipped about the details of their characters and the plots, only letting on that Mark will play an interning God of Fortune, Nanxing a proud owner of a biscuit recipe honed to perfection, and Christopher the good-for-nothing brother-in-law who dreams of making a quick buck by selling said recipe.

Joining in the mix are fresh faces Jazliyana Lee and Xavier Ong, who will portray Christopher and Vivian’s children. Coincidentally, the pair are said to have “the closest connection” to Mark’s character after leading the fledgling God of Fortune home one day.

“I think the director has really done a good job of casting all three of us for this,” Mark chuckled in an interview with Toggle. “Nanxing and Chris are always busy with their work overseas and I’m busy enough with all the programmes in Singapore that I don’t even have time to venture abroad, but he managed to find a window where all three of us are available and we can finally work together!”

“I think we can consider making the three Lee/Lis a brand name of sorts, in future, we can act in police dramas with Nanxing and idol dramas with Christopher - and I can play his dad,” Mark continued, much to the amusement of the other two. Not to be outdone, Nanxing deadpanned, “Before we came into the room earlier, Mark asked us not to worry (since he’s the veteran at comedies), saying that he’d take care of everything!” which was swiftly met with a denial from Mark.

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