Coming Soon: Rui En’s debut dance performance in a drama

For the first time, the well-loved actress will showcase her dance skills in The Dream Makers 2

Coming Soon: Rui En’s debut dance performance in a drama
Video: Tan Shi Qi

It wasn’t long ago that Rui En’s The Journey: Our Homeland co-star Shaun Chen dished on the actress’ hidden boogie skills – she broke into an À Go-go dance on set and even made him groove along. And in The Dream Makers 2, Rui En will give her first onscreen dance performance.

In the midst of filming this week, Rui En attended a one-hour “shadow dance” training session at Danz People studio. It was her second lesson and also her last, as she would go right into action on Jul 31. “I will be filming this scene in front of many people. I’m pretty nervous,” she confessed.

While speaking to Toggle, Rui En let on that in this scene, Zhao Fei’er (played by Jeanette Aw), who is a guest judge at a reality talent contest that is similar to America’s Got Talent, was supposed to perform the dance. However, Fei’er failed to make it to the show in time and Fang Tong Lin (Rui En) unwittingly became a last-minute replacement for the segment.

Known for having high expectations of herself, Rui En repeatedly sought the instructor’s advice and practised the steps over and over again during the dance class. By the end of the session, her cheeks were flushed red from the vigorous and rapid movements.

“Though the dance is only 30-seconds long, the moves are very fast and exhausting. I had difficulty catching my breath. I’m quite stressed, but I’m looking forward to shooting this,” the actress added.

Despite the lack of practice, the 34-year-old is confident of pulling off a credible performance, as long as she is given time to rehearse for a few times before the actual shoot. It certainly helps that Rui En came from a dance background – she took up ballet as a co-curricular activity at Singapore Chinese Girls' School when she was in Primary 5 and continued the classes until she switched to rhythmic gymnastics in Secondary 3.

Getting back into the rhythm after years, the acclaimed actress was fondly reminded of her dancing days. Although her passion for the art has reignited as a result, she sees it more as a form of exercise now. 

Coming Soon: Rui En’s debut dance performance in a drama  
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