Could Andie Chen’s son be on his way to stardom?

Andie Chen’s son Aden Chen, popular on Instagram for his adorable expressions, just turned 1 on June 30 

Could Andie Chen’s son be on his way to stardom?

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Singaporean actor Andie Chen, who played lawyer Hong Dang Yong and Felicia Chin’s onscreen husband in Channel 8 drama The Journey: Tumultuous Times will be reprising his role in The Journey: Our Homeland, the third and final instalment of the SG50 trilogy.

Andie, 30, revealed that his character will leave behind his impulsive and high-strung nature to become a good husband and a mature father of four in the new season.

In his interview with Toggle, he shared, “Thankfully, I recently became a father as well, so I am able to apply how I truly feel towards my son to my role in the show.”

Could Andie Chen’s son be on his way to stardom?

Andie explained that he is very similar to his character because they are both strict, but loving fathers. The moment we mentioned his son, he broke into a huge smile and continued, “When my wife is too strict, I will become the compassionate one, but when my wife doesn’t seem to care, I will take on the role of a strict father.”

The actor also shared that he’s not one who’d spare the rod and spoil the child. “I personally don’t think that kids should be spared from that kind of treatment,” he said, emphasising that it is important to have a good reason behind it.

“I think it’s important to let the child be able to decipher right from wrong. If they have done something bad, they should accept the punishment for it. But… if I have a daughter in future, then I can’t say for sure!” continued Andie with a laugh.

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