Damian Lau: Zoe Tay treats me as her son

Hong Kong actor recounts his latest acting experience in Singapore

Damian Lau 1

Photos: Dion Tang, Camelia Ting, Channel 8
Video: Foong Mien Shi

Hong Kong screen legend Damian Lau got the star treatment on the set of The Dream Makers 2: Li Nanxing brought in herbal tea for him, while Zoe Tay offered local cakes and snacks during filming.

“Zoe is lovely, she really took care of me,” Damian said. “She’s got three sons, so she treats me as one of them!”

Damian was speaking at a media event after he wrapped filming his scenes for the upcoming The Dream Makers 2 and before he returned to Hong Kong to check in on his 93-year-old mother.

The actor had earlier declined all media interviews because he wasn’t feeling well. The haze was in the unhealthy range for the most of his three-week stay in Singapore, which caused him breathing difficulties and dry eyes.

Besides Taiwanese drama icon Chen Mei Feng, Damian is the other international star brought in for the highly anticipated production. Damian wouldn’t reveal much about his role, except that he’s a mystery man with a disabled foot who shares many scenes with Zoe.

A recent suicide scene had him perched on the roof of a 13-floor building and then suspended from cables from the fourth floor, which was tough for the actor with a fear of heights.

“I didn’t use to be afraid of heights,” he said. “But in the 70s I filmed scenes on a ferris wheel, and we were playful then, we even flew kites while up in the air. But when you’re that high up, you should never look down, and since then I’ve been afraid.”

The actor added that safety cables are much thicker and sturdier now, with the increase in safety awareness.

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