Dasmond Koh will not renew full-time contract with Mediacorp

The former radio deejay and host-turned-entrepreneur wants to pursue “wider interests”


Photos: Channel 8 & Toggle

Dasmond Koh started out in the local entertainment business as a radio deejay with YES 933 before becoming a television host in 2000. After 20 years of working under Mediacorp, Dasmond has decided not to renew his full-time contract in order to “pursue wider interests”.

Ms Georgina Chang, head of The Celebrity Agency, said in an official statement released to the media: “I’ve known Dasmond since he was a DJ at 933 and I was at 987. He’s our radio and TV veteran who’s evolved to become a savvy entrepreneur. We’ve talked about collaborating on some projects together and I look forward to working with and learning from him. I wish him all the very best in his ventures.”

The 43-year-old confirmed that he’d be focusing on his business ventures which includes a health and beauty company set up in October last year, in a phone interview with Toggle. “Contract renewal discussions with Mediacorp took place over a period of three to five months and honestly, the terms offered were quite satisfactory too,” said Dasmond.

Dasmond with his Noon Talk Media artistes Aloysius Pang (left) and Xu Bin (right)

However he chose not to renew his contract (it expired on Dec 31, 2015) due to a variety of reasons: his health and beauty company being one part of it and another reason being the sensitivities involving Noon Talk Media, a media company that manages artistes like Xu Bin, Aloysius Pang and Kimberly Chia which is helmed by Dasmond.

“It can be a little sensitive at times and I may be too preoccupied with my businesses that I am unable to take on other projects - and I don’t feel good about it too,” explained the actor-host. “You may call me stubborn but everyone has goals and I’d like to work towards my goals too.”

So what’s in store for him in 2016?

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