Dawn Yeoh is all ready to become a singer

The local actress, who recently started learning to play the guitar, dreams of releasing an album 

Dawn Yeoh is all ready to become a singer
Photos: Dion Tang
Video: Teng Siew Eng, Tay Yixuan

While her dream has yet to come true in reality, Dawn Yeoh will get to experience the life of a singer in upcoming Ch8 drama Crescendo.

Along with her co-stars Christopher Lee, Tay Ping Hui, Darren Lim, Jacelyn Tay, Ann Kok and Jeffrey Xu, Dawn visited The Sultan hotel for the filming of a concert scene on Monday. The star of the scene was none than her character Fang Xin Yi.

According to the production team, local actress Mindee Ong was initially cast for the role, but she eventually pulled out from the show due to health reasons. As Dawn “received the notice at the last minute”, she did not know that she was replacing Mindee at first. “I didn’t have time to react!” she said smiling.

A stark contrast to Dawn’s cheerful personality, Fang Xin Yi is said to be a “very sad” character which makes it especially challenging for the actress. To get into the role, Dawn chose to read and listen to music at a quiet corner during filming breaks, instead of engaging in conversation with the rest of the crew.

“Some people may think that I am isolating myself or acting emo, but I’m really not,” she explained.

Although Dawn has loved singing since her school days, the 29-year-old will unfortunately not get a chance to showcase her vocals in Crescendo. “Because of copyright issues, all the Xinyao tracks will be performed by the original singers,” she shared. “It’s so regretful. I really want to sing! Director, can you hear me?”

The saccharine-sweet thespian, who plays the piano, may have yet to attend any singing classes, but she has recently started picking up guitar skills from reknowned local musician Roy Loi (Li Fei Hui). “When I strum the guitar and sing at the same time, it triggers my inspiration,” she asserted.

Visibly passionate about becoming a singer, Dawn revealed that she has informed her management agency Catwalk of her wishes. “If possible, I would like to write my own songs too. (What are the chances of an album in the near future?) I am all prepared! As long as the record company is willing to work with me, I won’t rule out the possibility [of releasing an album],” exclaimed the actress.   

Dawn Yeoh is all ready to become a singer  
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