Denise Tan to cook (and strip?) for Shane Mardjuki on stage

The Gold 905FM DJ and FLY Entertainment artiste will star as lovers in upcoming rom-com play 'Hello Goodbye'

Denise Tan to cook (and strip?) for Shane Mardjuki on stage

Photos: Tammi Tan
Video: Teng Siew Eng

As entertainers, Denise Tan and Shane Mardjuki are two bubbly, animated people who effortlessly shine with laughter and quips, but when we spoke to the both of them last week during rehearsals for upcoming play Hello Goodbye, we discovered topics that make their faces light up even more.

For Gold 905FM jockey and Dim Sum Dolly member Denise, it is her hosting gig at this year's National Day Parade. "It was amazing to actually be asked to be a part of SG50," she gushed. But such a high-profile gig did not come without its worries. "There was also quite a lot of fear, because when I hosted the NDP about ten years ago, I did the most spectacular face-down fall in front of 50,000 people at the old National Stadium, so I had that incident very vividly playing in my mind the whole time, hoping it wouldn't happen again."

Thankfully, everything went without a hitch for her, although the same can't be said for one of her male co-hosts (whom she refused to name). "The boys were showing off on their Ninebot scooters, and someone fell off and ripped his pants," she reported. Luckily for the chap, this happened during rehearsals and not live on television.

Denise Tan to cook (and strip?) for Shane Mardjuki on stage
Denise after wrapping up her NDP 2015 hosting gig; Shane with his family. (Photos from their respective Instagram pages)

As for Shane, the subject that gets his eyes sparkling is his 15-month-old daughter Ellie. "Being a dad is one of the best things. I feel very accomplished and now, I have a reason to wake up and go to rehearsals, which I used to dread. Baby makes everything worthwhile - I know it's cheesy but it's true!" exclaimed the FLY Entertainment artiste, who is married to Jin Pang.

He is also a lot more outgoing. “I used to be very bad at making new friends and making eye contact, but I have changed,” he said. “Now I say hello to a lot to people, to the point of it being weird. I don’t know what happened! I just decided I want to be friendlier.” (Denise attributes his new personality to having a small child i.e. his daughter in his life.)

Interestingly, his little bundle of joy was born right before the full dress rehearsal or the preview showing (they can't remember which one) of Shane and Denise's last play together, Pangdemonium's The Rise & Fall Of Little Voice, and somehow, the new father was able to make it to both the birth and for work.

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