Desmond Tan, Ya Hui, Jeffrey Xu, Sheila Sim to star in Singapore-HK drama

These Singapore actors will star alongside Hong Kong stars such as Wong You-nam, Liu Kai-chi and Law Kar-ying in the Toggle-ViuTV collaboration, Bluetick

Desmond Tan, Ya Hui, Jeffrey Xu, Sheila Sim to star in Singapore-HK drama
L-R: Desmond Tan, Ya Hui, Liu Kai-chi, Law Kar-ying, Sheila Sim and Jeffrey Xu

Toggle and ViuTV announced their inaugural co-production today with Bluetick, a 20-episode suspense drama, with each episode spanning 30 minutes. The co-production stars local actors Desmond Tan, Ya Hui, Jeffrey Xu and Sheila Sim, alongside Hong Kong celebrities Wong You Nam, Liu Kai Chi, Law Kar Ying, Bonde Sham, Scarlett Wong, Dixon Wong, Colin Chan and Hailey Chan.

Based on Hong Kong author Ray Leung’s novel SEEN, the plot revolves around 10 strangers who attend their mutual friend’s funeral. One of the attendees sends a message to that deceased friend and mysteriously receives a ‘blue tick’, indicating that the message has been read by the recipient.

Could there be a problem with the messaging application, or could it be something more sinister at play? Things get even tenser as the attendees get murdered one after another, with those still alive scrambling against time to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Speaking to Toggle after landing in Hong Kong today, Desmond, who will play the male lead, shared that he will first be filming for three weeks in China, before heading to Hong Kong to film for another three weeks. Following which, he will be back in Singapore for the Star Awards and will resume filming here until  the production wraps in May.

He expressed, “I’m very grateful for this collaboration as I’ll be able to learn new things. I’m looking forward to working with the Hong Kong actors, especially the veterans such as Law Kar-ying and Liu Kai-chi.”

Desmond Tan, Ya Hui, Jeffrey Xu, Sheila Sim to star in Singapore-HK drama
The cast of Bluetick at the Hong Kong FILMART 2018.

Desmond will be taking on plenty of action scenes in Blue Tick, which will include jumping off buildings, car accidents and gun fights, and shared that one of the biggest hurdles for him will be the language barrier, as he is not fluent in Cantonese. “In addition, the culture that they have on-set might be different, so I’ll have to adapt to it really quickly,” he said.

Ya Hui, who will also be heading to Shenzhen for filming after the press conference, shared that she’s also looking forward to working with the Hong Kong stars, in particular former TVB actor Liu Kai-chi. “He’s a veteran and I’d want to experience how they’re able to lead the rest of us. I don’t think I have many opportunities to share the same scenes as him, but that’s alright, because I can go down to the set even when I’m not filming,” she let on.

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