Down and dirty with the 8 dukes

In the hot seat with Aloysius Pang, Desmond Tan, Ian Fang, Jeffrey Xu, Romeo Tan, Shane Pow, Xu Bin and Zhang Zhen Huan

Q&A with the 8 Dukes

Videos: Teng Siew Eng, Foong Mien Shi & Vina Chia

Much has been said and done about MediaCorp’s 8 dukes since their induction into royalty at last year’s Star Awards. Their harmonious relationship and work achievements have been put under the microscope and magnified for all to scrutinise as the local media ran reports, cover stories and popularity polls pitting the dukes against one another – just like what we will be doing when our voting poll opens at 12 pm today.

Over the past month, we ambushed Aloysius Pang, Desmond Tan, Ian Fang, Jeffrey Xu, Romeo Tan, Shane Pow, Xu Bin and Zhang Zhen Huan, at a variety of places – from the make-up unit on campus to hotel venues at press conferences – and put them in the hot seat with Toggle. In a test of wit and eloquence, these dukes were made to select and answer four random questions (from a pool of nine) about themselves and their fellow dukes.

It wasn’t an easy task for some however. “You’re out to sow discord!” protested duke specimen A, when asked to single out his brothers, while specimen B demurred: “It feels like you’re trying to start a war.”

All in the name of good fun, fellas! For the record: we come in peace and no, we’re not in for the kill. Our mild-mannered questions are far from destructive but we promise they’re bound to tickle your insides. Read on for the best and finest replies from the 8 Dukes, and watch the clips for the full experience.

Toggle Outstanding Duke Award’s online voting poll opens today at 12pm and closes on April 26, 11pm. Voting is free and can be done online on a daily basis, one vote per NRIC. The winning duke will be presented with a trophy at the Star Awards Show 2 Post Party and the winner is determined based on 50:50 votes from the public and the Toggle editorial team.

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