Edmund Chen wishes to act on TV again

The former MediaCorp artiste hopes for the right time and opportunity to recommence his acting career

Edmund Chen wishes to act on TV again
Photo: Dang Hui Ling
Video: Zhang Jiahao & Foong Mien Shi

He may have been away from our television screens for five years, but former MediaCorp artiste Edmund Chen confessed that he still yearns to return to the small screen.

With several of his former work buddies like Huang Biren restarting their careers and achieving good results in their new projects, the 54-year-old admitted that he was swayed by their decision and wants another go at acting.

“When you have matured, there are many variations to the way you interpret your roles. I really wish to challenge myself to using different methods to interpret the story and present the personality of a (character in the show),” he shared in an interview last Wednesday (Mar 11).

Edmund Chen wishes to act on TV again
Putting his artistic flair to good use

Though Edmund had repeatedly been approached by MediaCorp with several casting offers, the busy bee lamented that he has been tied down with many creative projects and could not find time to participate in a television production.

Since his departure from MediaCorp, Edmund has focused his time and effort on his one true hobby and personal skill – drawing. The 54-year-old proved his artistic abilities when he broke the Guinness World Record of the ‘Longest drawing by an individual’ with his drawing that was 601.255 metres long.

The former actor revealed that he had taken eight months to conceptualise his art work, completingit in 13-days after spending an average of eight hours daily on the piece. As he could not find a gallery big enough to showcase it, Edmund had eventually kept it in his studio.

However, he was fortunate to strike a deal with a partner of renowned travel brand Samsonite to have his drawing featured in a new collection of luggage.

Edmund Chen wishes to act on TV again
In his interview, Edmund explained that he had selected four motifs in his drawing that represent the four seasons and they would be printed on the luggage in the limited edition collection titled ‘Cherish’.

Only 100 pieces of the ‘Spring’ luggage would be on sale while the other three designs have to be purchased as a set. All proceeds from the sale of the collection would be donated to Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities, the organisation that Edmund had specifically picked out.

When asked on his thoughts on the collaboration, Edmund joked that he had only wanted to get a discount the next time he purchased their luggage, but was delighted with the unexpected opportunity.
Apart from feeling proud to see his art pieces ‘around the world’, Edmund also hope to inspire others to care about needy elderly people in society.

As Edmund’s aunt was struck with Dementia, he has learnt to better appreciate the pressing need to care for the aged.

Edmund Chen wishes to act on TV again
Edmund’s children being scouted to star in dramas

While Edmund’s artistic abilities has gained him huge recognition, his 24-year-old son Chen Yixi has also developed a passion for drawing under his influence.

Currently studying at NTU School of Art, Design and Media, Yixi is deeply interested in digital animation and would often go on drawing trips with his father. He had also his small screen debut in 2012 through web drama i.Rock and he stood out from the crowd with his good looks and eloquence.

On the other hand, Edmund had been encouraging his 15-year-old daughter Chen Yixin to get in touch with art but she has an impatient character and “cannot sit still for long”.

Though she had received several casting offers, Edmund expressed his concerns on her daughter’s hasty character. “It would be bad if she suddenly decides to quit the show halfway,” he said.

However, Edmund emphasised that he and his wife Xiang Yun did not let their children receive professional training to become actors. At the same time, they would not object to their decision for their future career and only wish for them to put in their best effort and be happy with their choice.

This article is translated by Isadora Ong.

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